Friday, 28 June 2013

Back in the land of the semi-living!

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Happy Friday everyone. 

I am settling in to my new life since the big move very well and when I get back to the house, after a long week at work, it is so lovely and serene. We still have boxes absolutely everywhere but it's fine because we are picking our way through the place and finding a home for it all. My little office space is beautiful...also still a mess, but I love it.

Moving away from friends, family and everything you know is really hard. It's not like I have hoards of friends, but the ones I do have mean the world to me. They are my backbone. So, this move had to workout. The positives had to outweigh the negatives or else I think I would've gone insane.

When I look out my window I can see fields full of rape seed and beautiful, bright red poppies that are standing so tall all competing for the most sunlight (sounds like me). The town has cute little back roads that are all higgledy piggledy and have sweet little coffee shops with yummy treats everywhere. The sky is so wide, it's like widescreen TV and HD times a million! 

Living here has eased some of the burdens I have been carrying about the last few years but I have a few more to go yet. I know that, no matter how hard life is, there is this beautiful, warm place to come home to, with M's gorgeous smile and loving cuddles - that is pretty great.

Have a lovely weekend. See you on Monday.

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