About Life Is...

Hi There,

Firstly, thank you for checking out the blog, it is great to have you here. Pull up a chair and stay a while...

A little about me...
I am a 30 something woman, who should know better (but doesn't always!), I have a busy and complicated life that I am trying to straighten out but I am slowly learning who I am and what I need to make me tick in this amazing life.

I have been a blogger for several years and have another blog about a much more specific subject, however, I found that I could not talk about all the things I wanted to as it certainly would not always be appropriate!

'Life Is'
- fun
- complicated
- sexy
- frustrating
- a learning curve
- beautifully imperfect
- challenging
- inspiring
- full of surprises
....I love it!!

This blog is not a space for negativity, neither is it a space for moaning, that is not to say that I won't discuss problems but I will try to look for the message in what happens in life (something I am getting better and better at!) - my opinions are just that, my opinions! If you feel differently please let me know, let's start a conversation!

Do you have something you want to share? Stories to tell? I really want to know! You can get in touch my emailing me on lifeiswheretheheartis@outlook.com or just comment on a post if you have something to add.

Thanks for reading!

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