Sunday, 16 June 2013

The new social.

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Social Networking. A strange phenomenon huh?

I am of the age where it is 'the norm' to be on every kind of social networking medium out there. But I find it all strange, even though I do use it. I just try and use it sparingly and very carefully I guess. Recently I put myself back on Facebook again. After the collapse of a long term relationship I felt it was time to step away from the strangeness and stalker nature of FB in order to not get overly obsessed with what my ex, Rob, was up to, including finding out what everyone's opinions were, whos 'side' they had chosen etc.

People who are my friends on my personal FB account (there are only about 15 of them these days) tend to widely advertise every part of their lives. Whilst I find it fascinating, I would rather do it!

There are some strange ones on FB right?!? Recently I received a private message on my personal account. Some random nut job decided he would message me to let me know he thought I was 'pretty hot'... when I did some investigation into this message I discovered he was a friend of a friend. That's all a bit risky is it not? I could have been really insulted and ended up falling out with our mutual friend. I guess he was hoping for me to PM back declaring that I thought he was the most gorgeous male specimen I had set eyes on and beg him to meet me immediately, if not sooner, for a lust filled evening, followed closely by marriage (obviously) and children (of course!).

Almost a week later I gained a new follower on my personal Twitter account. Some guy, with a very anonymous picture (of just one, very young looking eye). He occasionally comments on what I have to say, and, I must admit, he is quite amusing! He says intelligent things and is clearly intellectual. He responded to something I had written this week and we engaged in a short conversation, which was fine. After a while I was rounding up the stream of sentences when he said 'we really should get to know each-other'!! Then he PM'd me. 

Let me set a bit more of a scene. He never gives ANYTHING away, zip all. This PM message tells me his age (older than I would've said by about 15 years), his job, his rough location. He says he doesn't message everyone like he messages me. Anyone else freaked out yet? 

Bloody social media. It gives people anonymity and a boost of confidence right? Some guys just wouldn't approach a girl unless it was behind a photo of a 20 year old's eye.

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