Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Night watch.

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Sometimes, when you are feeling a little fragile with the world, nothing beats your other half rolling over in the night and putting a protective arm around you and holding you tight. Something about that makes you feel really secure and loved.

Ever since we have been together, right from the very first night we spent together, M and I have always (well, 9 times out of 10) fallen asleep holding hands. Whether we are laying side by side on our backs, facing each other or even, as I described above, 'spooned' together, we always link fingers. There is something about his soft touch and his fingers stroking my arm or hand as I fall asleep that I find so incredibly comforting.

I adore those little moments when, in the middle of the night, we dozily kiss each other really passionately and then fall back to sleep, waking in the morning to a faint trace of memory which needs questioning by the other person, like '...do you remember doing that too?'.

And then, when the sun comes up and I wake before you, looking at you sleeping beside me and I can't believe you are there. With me.

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