Friday, 21 June 2013

Ladies, I have proof.

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'You don't have to be skinny to be beautiful'

That's what I retweeted the other day on my personal account on Twitter - to a lovely response from a couple of guys who follow me. They were all 'hell yeah!', 'Amen!', '...I totally agree with that!'. Phew, what a relief!

I mean, look at the picture above - how gorgeous is she?! If I was a guy I would rather that beautiful, curvy woman, over a knobbly frame that feels fragile to hold. I am not trying to offend thinner ladies, you are equally as beautiful, but I just prefer a curvier look. Which is strange seeing as I'm curvy and can't stand the way I look! My goodness, we really are a strange breed us girls! (queue men rolling their eyes and furiously nodding in agreement!)

I guess I am talking about this currently because I am feeling a little low about my appearance. I referred  to myself as looking 'scrappy' to Mr M, who said, 'oh my lovely, you don't look scrappy!' (I love him!).

I feel in need of being airlifted to a Health Spa and picked up in a couple of days. I know it sounds very self-indulgent to talk about, but back in the day, when I had a better job, I was able to afford regular hair cuts, colours, trips to Boots for skincare products and new make up etc. These days it is bare essentials only and hair cuts only when I get very desperate. I am the first to say that materialism isn't all that matters, it should not matter, but a few things, here and there, just to make you feel better about yourself when you are feeling low really makes a difference - for women especially.

Anyway, whilst I have a mental battle after M said 'why don't I treat you to a few bits' (I never take money off anyone) I will browse on Boots and do what I usually do when skint - fill the online basket so I feel like I am doing some shopping, then delete that basket. Imaginary shopping complete!!

Don't judge me! :-) 

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