Monday, 24 June 2013

A bit of time for me.

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I spoke yesterday about mental health and my struggles with it. I wanted to add a couple of things to my ramble from yesterday, things that I feel may help you, if you suffer too. 

Firstly, there doesn't always have to be something wrong in my life for me to feel like that, like this. Sometimes it can just happen, for no reason, caused by nothing, brought on by no one.

Mr M asked me yesterday what would help me take my mind of things or help me to feel better. Exercise is a huge part of things feeling better for me and it really helps my mind to heal, so I cannot recommend it enough to anyone suffering with any form of mental health issues. Even on the days where you really feel at your most down - get your bottom up and do something, anything. Go for a walk with the dog, get a dvd on and do that cheesy celebrity class in the privacy of your front room or go to the gym, if you can face it. Believe me, I know it feels totally out of the question, but I also know it will 100% make you feel better, and it will help you to sleep better.

In my mind, these days anyway, when I hit a patch of feeling like this I will try picking up the exercise before I try anything else. I am no expert so please understand that this is just my opinion and I can only advise on what has worked for me. 

What other things make me feel better, now let's see:
- Reading a good book, something that is pure escapism (but with no triggers that will set me off). I tend to re-read something, an old favourite. Maybe this will sound sad to you but something like Harry Potter for me works wonders!
- Being creative. Sitting down with my sketchbook or painting something really helps me. Taking my pencils out somewhere quiet and just losing myself in the moment of a drawing. Helps ease the anxiety a lot.
- A bit of a pamper session. I probably feel at my worst when I feel low. After a little bit of exercise I have a bit of a pamper. Steam my face, cleanse, apply a mask, massage in some face oil or moisturiser and then apply my make up. That is something I always have to do, whatever my mood - makeup. A huge mood elevator for me.
- Get in the garden. Plant seeds, get your hands in the soil. It is really relaxing and rewarding.
- Cuddle a pet. Seriously - that is a real winner!
- Have a good cry - don't let it build up. Grab a loved one and cry it all out. It will really help. 
- Watch a funny movie. More escapism (Harry Potter film anyone?!)

They may all seem obvious things but they help me. Think about what will help you too - and then try it. When you feel at your lowest point, what do you really have to lose?


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