Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Springing back to the front.

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Do you ever have those moments when something springs back into your memory that was fairly significant in its own way but you had totally forgotten about it? Well, that's what happened to me today.

When I was 19 we had the sort of neighbour's that most teenagers obsess with (I certainly did!). They were a cute couple, in their mid 30's, with what seemed like a perfect lifestyle - Him: flash car, music, smart clothes / Her: petite, lovely, kind and caring. I liked to watch their comings and goings - there were many parties with 'cool' music blaring out.

One day we were all invited over. When my parents left I stayed on for a bit. Sat in their conservatory I chatted to one of his friends called Pete. Pete was a 30 something, silver fox, with a good job and a nice car. He was charming and I was pulled in by him.

I was about to leave and nipped into the downstairs toilet on my way out. When I opened the door that led into the hallway by the front door Pete was there. He said nothing, just pushed me up against the wall, right there and then, and kissed me with the most passion my 19 year old self had ever experienced. As he pulled away the hall door opened and everyone came outside to say goodbye to guests. No words were exchanged, but later that week I got a call from him.

Our time together was so brief, we weren't 'together' but we spent a few evenings getting to know each other. My slightly wiser head tells me now that I was an ego boost to him but whatever I was we did have fun! The first time I saw him after that party was when he invited me to his apartment near where I am right now actually. I got all dressed up and drove over. He wined and dined me and I remember he played George Michael's album (!). We chatted for hours and then I finally said goodnight and got to the front door- he caught my arm and pulled me close to him, kissing me in that same frantic way that caught me so off-guard the first time round. We ended up in bed together and it was only ok. I remember feeling disappointed but I didn't know an awful lot better then. Tragic!

We met a few more times after that and then we agreed it wasn't ever going to be anything more so stopped getting in touch. It is funny how you forget these people or these strange but fun situations that life throws up.
As I am typing I am remembering more...

(they will save for another night!)

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