Wednesday, 26 June 2013

It's when your sick that you know it's love!

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I have been super sick today. No better way of putting it!
About 1.30am I woke up feeling rough and by 3am I was hunched over the toilet coughing up a lung! It was truly awful.
I woke M up and said, in a mumbled voice, 'I feel sick'. He was so cute to me that inside my sick little body my heart melted. All I could do was say 'please don't touch me, it makes me feel worse!' (you know what I mean right?!)
Before going off to work he set me up with water and lemonade (my comfort drink when I feel poorly!) and said he would stay with me today if I wanted. That was so lovely.
It's so nice to be cared for and thought about.
Anyway, this was all I could muster today. Hope to be on the up tomorrow.
Speak soon xoxo

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