Monday, 17 June 2013

Time for a change.

Recently I have been going through a time of needing to deal with situations that have ben long buried in my mind. I am great at giving advice but really terrible at dealing with my own rubbish. My avoidance techniques are many and varied and include: turning up music or TV so that I cannot hear anything else, keeping so busy I go insane and exercising until late at night as to get myself so ruddy tired I have no energy for more. It has taken me nearly three years of thinking and avoiding and suffering the metaphorical rain showers to get ready to move forward.

I am soon to make a big step forward in my personal life, which has taken such a lot of physical and emotional effort to reach, with no additional support from anyone. One day I may have the strength to talk about it.

In order to get there I have made many steps and when I make the final one I will need a distraction to prevent madness from setting in completely. I have started working on other projects and will endeavour to set goals to put these into action. I will be collaborating with a close friend to make crafts ready to sell and hope that we can both step forwards together. I will introduce you to her soon as she will be advertising her blog on my blog and vice versa.

It has also occurred to me that recently I have gone in to a little bit of self neglect: chewing and picking my nails, not making the effort to look after my skin, not eating as well as I should etc. All of this needs to end and I have been looking for inspiration in this area too. I found this lovely ladies YouTube channel so motivational and down to earth, check out Lily Pebbles now!!


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