Saturday, 20 July 2013

Humble apologies...

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I am standing before you today with my fluffy tail between my legs - I have been somewhat absent from this site this week. I have had a mega work week and been rushing about left, right and centre. Forgive me. I have also had one of those weeks where people have made me feel inadequate and unintelligent. I have been treated so badly by so many people this week and to top it all off I was rejected for a job I applied for. Not a good week overall. But now I am trying to rise above it and keep positive, not easy in a crisis but I am doing my best. I am desperate for a change of job and want to be somewhere that I can climb the ladder and thrive. Where I am now is great, the job is a dream, but I do more and more, as if I am getting invisible promotions, but do not get any more recognition, financial or otherwise. So depressing.

So, as it is not in my nature to give up I will continue to 'bloom where planted' until something else comes along.

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