Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A perfect week.

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Today is not a day for heavy thoughts.
The sun is shining. I can feel a warm, gentle breeze on my cheek through my office window and my thoughts are turning to time off. Right now, if I had some free time, I would spend the days locked away in my house, the windows flung open to gasp in the fresh, spring air. I would push open the doors, leading from the lounge to the garden, and release the barrier between my home and nature.
I would pad around the house in my 'sloppy' jeans, which are too loose and a highly unfashionable stonewash, completing little jobs and dancing to the radio, singng along with summertime tunes until my hearts content.
My creative room would be a hive of activity; pools of colour would soak into the best paper, graphite dust melting in and forming a new and uncontrollable presence on the page. I would stop for a break and sit on the step that leads outside with a cup of tea, allowing the sun to warm my body and admire the new plants settling in to their new home and finding their way through the soil to the warmth.
As the light faces we cook together and make big plans for future and me.

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