Thursday, 2 May 2013

Fresh starts

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I have got a few pretty busy days ahead, so forgive me if I go a little quiet, although I will do my best not to!
Life has reached a significant milestone and I am rolling with it. I am moving tomorrow. It is a good thing and a scary thing all at once. New beginnings and new memories to build in brand new surroundings. I will be further away from everything and everyone I know but it will be good.
I do like the excitment of opening a box you packed a long while back and discovering items that you adore and finding them a home in your new home. Those first few unfamiliar sleeps, where you wake up in the middle of the night not quite sure of where you are, and you hear strange noises that will be familiar in days and will not even cause you to stir soon.
The light will come through the window differently, or maybe there will be no light at all. The view will be different out of the window; new and interesting sights will catch your eye.
It will be hard, mentally and physically. There will be a lot of change and things to change and sort but all I keep thinking about is Christmas. Christmas in a new home, cosy and warm, friends and, if life ever sorts itself, maybe even family too.

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