Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Me time.

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In the midst of all the madness that is my life at the moment I am trying to take five minutes out of my day to think about me time. Can I just point out that, apart from a few gym sessions, I get no me time whatsoever. None. Zilch. Zip. I'm not entirely convinced that that is healthy.
So right now I am having a little moment of dreaming of what I would do with my me time:
- cuddle up on the sofa and catch up with 'guilty pleasure' TV (Made in Chelsea - sorry, I can't help it, don't judge me!)
- take a wander in town, buy a magazine, and sit in a coffee shop, people watching and reading - oh, and I would spend a good hour in a good bookstore for sure!
- Can I add a saunter around a garden centre into this...
- Go to the cinema.
- Make a hearty meal; buy ingredients, peel, chop, cook, serve nicely and actually have time to eat calm and relaxed! Miracle!
- Soak in the bath and remember what it feels like to be pampered.
All of this would be heaven.
I actually like spending time on my own. I have never lived alone but have always fancied it. Shutting my door at night and just being 'me', thinking about what I want to do, or going to bed at 7.30pm because I am exhausted. Whatever I did wouldn't have a knock-on effect on anyone but me. Does that sound selfish? Probably, but I certainly don't mean it to.
Me time is good. Quiet time is lovely. These days we are forgetting to get to know ourselves because we are too busy to.
Get to know yourself, it will serve you well for the future.

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