Monday, 20 May 2013

A Monday hug

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Despite the stresses of last week, last month, last year...bla bla (!), I want to at least start this fresh week off feeling a little more optimistic and less terrified! I find that a good way to start the day is to have a nice big cuddle, something I couldn't quite muster out of Mr M this morning as he was still dozing at 5.30am!

The weekend was good, we decorated a bit more of our new space, which was great but exhausting and now we are on to a brand new week! I am looking forward to finishing everything to get to the fun stuff of actually living in our space rather than out of boxes. It will be lovely to have friends over and celebrate the start of our new life. Scary and exciting times ahead.

So, on this slightly grey Monday (well, here anyway!), if you are feeling a little blue, grab someone special and hug it out until it all feels better!

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