Monday, 13 May 2013

Trust the niggle.

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Today I turned into one of those people.

I cried. At work. Spontaneously burst out crying.

I felt like a prized idiot.

In my defence, I have been feeling so many emotions over the past two to three weeks that I haven't known how to get my head in gear. I am properly all over the place at the moment. My mind is wandering all the time, all day. I want to cry at the drop of a hat (before you ask, no, I am not pregnant!). I feel like I have been trying to sort my life out since I was 14 years old. Well, now I should have it sorted, right?

I don't know if I am going in the right direction. What if I am not? Exciting things are happening but I am just not feeling 'on board'. Something niggly doesn't feel right. Why?

Do I just 'have a word' with myself and get on with it, or do I trust the niggly feelings?

The horrible thing about that question is that I know what I would say to someone who was asking me that... I would tell them to 'trust the niggle'.

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