Sunday, 21 April 2013

Let's start somewhere...

This is a blog about life. Not just mine, that would be very self-indulgent of me, but yours too. Please get in contact with me if you have something to say (feel free to comment on here too of course!). I would love your stories too, let's talk and share what is our one chance at this life together. Contact me on

I wish to stay anonymous on here for several reasons but mostly because I want to have the true freedom to tell all; the funny, the sexy, the damn right heart breaking. I want to tell it warts and all, but, and hopefully this goes without saying, there will be no actual names and locations, just to protect peoples privacy.

It is only fair to tell you a bit about the author of this blog so here goes:
- I am over 30 (under 35 - very important!)
- I have a full time job not far from London (which I find frustrating and awesome in equal measures) but I long for a huge inspiring change
- I have been in my current relationship for just shy of three years and love my man a whole load, he is truely wonderful
- I have had a fair amount of experience in the relationship department, good and bad, and I have not always been the best girlfriend at times, but, in balance, I have dated some arseholes too!
- My family are difficult, I am very different to them, that has started to show a lot in recent years
- It is only with my current partner I have discovered what a proper sex life is all about, hot, steamy, raunchy sex. And it's great!
- I don't speak to many people about my life... except you.

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