Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Just look up.

What do you take comfort from? What makes you feel all warm inside when you think about it? What is it that you dream of when you are stuck at your desk at work, feeling tired and ready for sleep? (Maybe you just dream of sleep and dreaming itself). For some it is shopping, spending money on items to distract from reality, for others it is pouring a glass of wine and watching mindless television until the day is forgotten, pushed to the back of the mind, gone.

I feel like there is a distinct lack of looking up, looking around, observing.

If you spend time looking up, late at night, really late, when it is so quiet it becomes noisy in your head, you will notice how everything that you feel is significant in your life, is actually far from it. When I look at the stars I remember how beautiful and perfect everything is. I take huge comfort from that.

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